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  6. ScanSnap S1300: User review by Christian Dutton, ROKA International Charity

Christian Dutton, ROKA International Charity

I recently assisted with a project in Tibet to help people in need wherever necessary, regardless of religion or culture. I took with me a ScanSnap S1300 portable scanner.

I chose to create a profile; this was very straightforward and allowed me to customise the settings… There is the option of setting up multiple profiles which is easy, useful and saves a lot of time.

When I arrived in Tibet, my colleagues had been working at an orphanage school where they had been scanning 2-sided student data files with a flatbed scanner. It had taken them several days to scan only 30 students; with the S1300 I completed almost 100 students within just a few hours

As the electricity was sporadic the option of USB power was very useful. It worked well in sub-zero temperatures, dusty environment and at up to 5000m.

Overall a great product, highly recommended and excellent value.

Christian Dutton, ROKA International Charity

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Date Submitted: 2012-04-13

Market(s): Medical & Healthcare, education

Product: ScanSnap S1300