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  6. ScanSnap S1100: User review by Remigiusz Franek, B2B Strategy Customer Care Director, Orange Poland

Remigiusz Franek, B2B Strategy Customer Care Director, Orange Poland

I love to have everything in order. I hate mess when everything is not well organized. Since 3 years I am using Get Things Done Methodology in my life both at home and at work. The only problem which over and over was in my head was paper. Ton of papers: documents, agreements, tax statements, medical results, coupons, invoices. I had over 6 folders with over 1,000 paper documents. I tried to organize them in the right categories but anyway there was always two problems: changing categories was very very hard for each document and I always need the document when I was not at home (Murphy’s law :).

I tried to scan them using my iPhone with a scan app and it was good for up to 10 pages, with over 1,000 it was not possible to get it quickly and with very good quality. I tried also to use a professional Xerox machine at work but then copying to usb drive, bringing home and importing Evernote was also not convenient.

And then …. I’ve seen one tweet about Fujitsu ScanSnap. The guy who wrote the tweet was really excited and he was writing that he will buy one for him. So I started to dig for some piece of information about mobile scanners :), after 3 weeks I was sure that I needed one :). I was looking into the S1100 as this was the one which fitted my requirements and had very good reviews. After a week I’ve got it at home. During the weekend I scanned all my 1,000 pages into Evernote with backup on Google Drive. Now I feel like a newborn baby :) because anywhere I go my documents are with me.

My wife was recently with my 2 year daughter at the doctors. It was the first time she had not to carry a backup with all medical exams, usg scans :). All she needed was an Ipad with Evernote :). She was so happy that the next day she asked whether she can use our scanner to handle her work documents :). So we did :).

So thanks to ScanSnap … so small device … so much can be achieved :).

Thanks !!! For Everything


Remigiusz Franek, B2B Strategy Customer Care Director, Orange Poland

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Date Submitted: 2013-02-02

Market(s): IT Services, Home user

Product: ScanSnap S1100