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Mo Kennedy

I wanted to give my review about the S1100, as I really believe this scanner is an amazing product. First of all the size is great, it’s about the size of a 30cm ruler and fits into a laptop bag with ease. The product is really small and at first, I was a little worried what sort of quality to expect, but as this is made by Fujitsu, I had no doubts that the quality would be great. One aspect which I really like, is the fact the scanner uses a single USB connection. No external power supply is required, simply one cable does everything. A neat touch for being on the road, or for quick and neat connections.
Setup of the scanner is easy, and takes around 10mins to install. I tested this on Mac and PC and both work with ease.
The software works great, and can be used in it’s basic or advanced controls, and either one provides amazing results. I was very pleased with the scan quality, it’s of a very high quality, and scanning is quick and efficient.
Personally I wanted a scanner to allow me to upload bills and other documents onto my computer for archiving purposes, and to upload to the cloud. One useful feature is the ability to scan into Evernote which is a cloud based system, which works similar to Microsoft Onenote. This is very handy as your documents can be scanned into Evernote and then accessed anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer with internet. This can make life very convenient and best of all, Evernote is free.

Overall, this product is brilliant, I don’t have any issues with recommending to friends, family and business people, and believe it will help many users, from home to on the road, to business users needing to fax, email documents when visiting clients etc.It has some very good features built into the scanner / software which can help with scanning business cards, and correcting documents which have not been scanned in straight.

If I was going to suggest some additions, then the ability to scan 2 sided would be a good althought it’s not much of a problem with this model, and having a little carry case to keep it protected.

Other than this, it’s a great product, which is very small, excellent build quality and backed by Fujitsu as a leading brand of scanner technology.

Mo Kennedy

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Date Submitted: 2012-11-27


Product: ScanSnap S1100