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Fujitsu Services - Print Management

A powerful example

of our lean approach

Fujitsu Service-Print Management
The less-paper office: document output management cuts paper waste and saves energy
Our approach to document output management has generated thousands of pounds worth of savings and slashed paper and energy use. It's a powerful example of how our lean approach can combine technology and business understanding to improve service while also generating environmental gains.

Simplifying chaos 
Historically, Fujitsu, like most organisations, hasn't used centralised purchasing or management of its document output hardware. As a result, printing, scanning, faxing and photocopying equipment tended to be procured according to local needs and managed without proper control of document output costs or standards.

The issue has always been how to get a balanced deployment of devices that meet the needs of users and the business. With the advent of multi-function devices and a range of new management features, it is now possible to simplify a previously complex situation and so generate economies of scale and some compelling environmental benefi ts.