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Cora: Self Checkout System

Rapid self checkout beats the lunchtime rush

U-Scan systems from Fujitsu

Photo of woman shopping for food
Formed in 1974, Cora is the French-Belgian subsidiary of the family-owned Louis Delhaize Group. The company employs 22,000 employees working in 59 hypermarkets in France, as well as 9 in Belgium, 7 in Hungary, and 9 more in Antilles, Romania and Luxembourg;. The company also operates a range of supermarkets and discount stores across Europe employing a further 30,000 people.

Fujitsu proposed deploying its U-Scan self-checkout system alongside Cora's traditional tills. U-Scan is a fully automated checkout solution, which enables hypermarket customers to scan their purchases interactively by themselves and also to pay for them automatically, in cash, by bankcard or Cora Card. The system can also give change and is responsible for recording and handling money saving coupons.