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Acoustics according to your specifications

  • Localisation of noise sources
  • Comparison of different manufacturers‘ components
  • Measurement of sound pressure as well as its frequency spectrum, sound power, loudness, tone content and other psychoacoustic parameters
  • Binaural artificial head recording
  • Storage of recordings, aurally compensated playback and individual psychoacoustic analyses for acoustic quality judgement

Test and measuring equipment

  • Anechoic acoustic chamber with microphones (125Hz up to 20kHz, background noise <17dB(A) )
  • Artificial head measuring systems for acoustic nearfield and ambience measurements
  • Vibration sensors
  • Mobile measuring system

Accreditation for international standards

  • ISO 7779
  • DIN 45631
  • DIN 45635-1
  • EN 50332

Measurements according to environmental requirements

  • Blauer Engel
  • Nordic Swan