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Automatically switched applications to an intact server

Current version: V3.3

The HIPLEX AF product enables applications to be implemented with highest possilbe availability as part of a multi-server concept. If one server fails, the applications monitored by HIPLEX AF are automatically switched to an intact server, together with the resources. Downtime is minimized by automatic failure detection and by the fact that a system restart is not required and therefore does not influence application availability.

In addition to managing a system failure, HIPLEX AF can increase availability after an application failure and provide the basis for a load-sharing cluster in which specific applications can be relocated with the aid of HIPLEX AF to another server.

In case of a catastrophy, i.e. a local crash of both the server(s) and the storage-subsystem at a site, HIPLEX AF autonomously switches over to a remote data centre. 
Additionally HIPLEX AF provides the perfect opportunity to configure a so-called ‘warm-standby’-variant of high availability with simpler implementation and administration.


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