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Finstaship: Managed Services

Managed Services from Fujitsu

Finstaship effectively outsourced IT services to Fujitsu, because they knew that their new IT infrastructure and telecommunications services would be guaranteed to work.

Finstaship chose to outsource the operation and ongoing support of its IT infrastructure and telecommunications services to Fujitsu, based on the use of its managed service operating model, called Patja in Finland.

Fujitsu's managed service approach is a continuous development process through which Fujitsu assumes responsibility for the management of an organisation's entire IT infrastructure, utilising a single point of ownership and control.

With a fleet of 30 ships, Finstaship is one of the largest and most diversified shipping companies in Finland. It provides private and the public sector customers with ice-breaking and offshore services using multi-purpose icebreakers, buoy tender and maritime construction services, oil spillage dispersal services, ferry services and ship maintenance and cargo services. 

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