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The Java™-based development and runtime environment for portable and secure Web applications.

Current version: V7.0

The Internet programming language Java™ and its corresponding runtime environment are having a significant impact on the whole of enterprise computing. The Java concept (“write once, run anywhere”) allows applications to be run via networks of heterogeneous computer systems - embracing the most varied platforms and operating systems.

JENV (BS2000/OSD Environment for Java™) enables BS2000 systems to run all Java programs created on any platform. Similarly, Java applications and Java applets developed for BS2000 can also run on other platforms. Programs created with JENV can be run on any platforms that have a JAVA-compatible runtime environment.

JENV conforms to the following relevant specifications:  
  • „The Java Language Specification, Third Edition“ 
  • „The Java Virtual Machine Specification, Second Edition“ 
  • „the version-specific API specification „Java 2 Platform Standard Edition API Specification 7.0“