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  5. Vodafone: Q-MATIC Queue Management System

Vodafone: Q-MATIC Queue Management System

How did Vodafone increase customer satisfaction?

Q-MATIC queue management from Fujitsu

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As Fujitsu already had a long-standing relationship with Vodafone it was a natural partner to develop its new technology requirements.

Jonathan Dryland, Vodafone's Head of UK Retail Development, continues, “We chose to strengthen our relationship with Fujitsu because it was a key supplier and already understood our business needs. So, we could move forward with a strong partnership that was clearly focused on delivering a positive customer experience.”.

Fujitsu's focus on developing and managing innovative solutions that enhance the customer experience has been recognised by leading industry awards. Together Vodafone and Fujitsu won the World Retail Awards' “Best use of Technology” and the European Retail Solutions Awards' “Most Innovative Use of In-Store Technology” for transforming the customer experience through the implementation of Q-MATIC.