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  5. Royal Navy: NavyStar IT Infrastructure Solution

Royal Navy: NavyStar IT Infrastructure Solution

Rough seas and battle conditions

Rugged IT infrastructure solutions from Fujitsu

Photograph of Fujitsu PC provided for NavyStar project
The NavyStar project first started fitting an information systems infrastructure into Royal Navy vessels in 1997 and in 2000 went out to tender again to ensure best value for money inviting submissions from a number of IT suppliers.

Fujitsu won the contract on the basis of a bid that offered best value for money across the range of services required by NavyStar, and in 2001 started supplying and installing branded commercial PCs in ruggedised mounts, as called for in the specification.

Before long, however, Fujitsu realised that the size of standard branded PCs was not suited to the Royal Navy environment and the commercial marketplace too volatile to maintain the stability and equipment roadmaps demanded by NavyStar.