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  5. ABC Petrol raises customer retention with Retail Enterprise software and Forecourt Controller software

ABC Petrol raises customer retention with Retail Enterprise software and Forecourt Controller software

"The Fujitsu-supported platform gives us knowledge about purchasing habits, which means we can give our customers the best deal. It also helps drive loyalty and incentivize them to seek out an ABC forecourt."

Antti Erikivi Development Director, ABC Petrol

ABC Petrol and Fujitsu have created a mobile app that connects with existing Fujitsu retail software to enable customers to pay for fuel using their mobile phone.


S-Group is a Finnish network of companies operating in the retail and service sectors. It has more than 1,600 outlets in Finland and consists of regional cooperatives. One of these subsidiaries is ABC Petrol, which provides fuel and retail outlets in over 400 locations around Finland. Another is S-Bank, which leads the financial field with a range of innovative solutions.


ABC Petrol wanted to make the process of refuelling even more convenient for its customers. It needed to create a software platform that would connect its existing retail systems with a new mobile app that would automate payment.


The company integrated Fujitsu Retail Enterprise software and Fujitsu Forecourt Controller software with a new payment app.


  • Transactions have increased five-fold in the eight months since initial deployment
  • Within the next year, it is expected that at least 10 percent of fuel sales will be generated via the app
  • Less reliance on POS systems means better availability and improved customer experience
  • Ability to cross-sell via the app to drive business in its grocery and restaurant outlets


Read the full ABC Petrol case study (366 KB/A4, 2 pages)


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