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  5. Managed Maintenance pays off for EDEKA

Managed Maintenance pays off for EDEKA

"The Managed Maintenance contract with Fujitsu saves me valuable time. The administrative outlay is now much lower – both in terms of management and operations."

Andreas Schmich, Head of Department, IT data center, EDEKA Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thüringen

The customer

Headquartered in Rottendorf, EDEKA Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thüringen is one of seven regional companies in the EDEKA network. It supplies around 1,100 retail markets in north Bavaria, northern Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia, Saxony and parts of Saxony-Anhalt. These markets offer their customers an extensive range of foodstuffs, fresh goods and drugstore products. The group employs more than 25,000 people and around 1,000 trainees.

The challenge

EDEKA Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thüringen was looking for a central contact person to manage the maintenance service agreements in its heterogeneous IT landscape. It also aimed to obtain an overview of the systems in its data centers.

The solution

Managed Maintenance, modular standardized IT services for heterogeneous IT infrastructures.

The benefit

  • Transparency, better overview of all IT assets and service processes
  • Reduced administrative outlay
  • Reliable cost planning
  • Burden reduced for IT department
  • Outlay reduced in purchasing and specialist department
  • Lower service costs


Read the full EDEKA case study (269 KB/A4, 3 pages)