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  5. IQUL is able to provide simultaneous examinations in different university locations

IQUL is able to provide simultaneous examinations in different university locations

"Above average service gives us greater predictability and increases the reliability of our schedules - that is a very clear competitive advantage for us"

Daniel Möbs, Managing Director, IQuL GmbH

The customer

IQuL GmbH works and carries out research in the field of testing management at universities with the aim of improving the quality of teaching in both universities and schools. Its main focus is on scientific research into exams and the development and preparation of tools for structuring and controlling legally compliant teaching and testing processes. IQuL began its work on the organization and implementation of electronically supported, legally compliant final exams at universities and colleges in 2005. As a specialized service provider, IQuL not only provides the software platform, but also assumes responsibility for the complete testing management process from planning, organization and implementation up to analysis and archiving, for a number of universities and colleges in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The challenge

Flexible and reliable provision of digital, legally compliant testing management and examinations up to state level via Wi-Fi for up to 600 candidates simultaneously in universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The solution

675 Fujitsu laptops in daily use.

The benefit

  • Thanks to its work with its partners, Fujitsu and Keppel Data Systems, IQuL is the only provider in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that can offer summative live testing on computers for such a large number of candidates.
  • Extensive conception phase to optimize the notebooks individually according to customer needs.
  • Particularly robust hardware, battery life of ten to twelve hours, very quick to boot up from standby and specialized transport container system fitted with a charging system for the laptop batteries.


Read the full IQuL GmbH case study (191 KB/A4, 2 pages)