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Diverse interests, common goals


We are all striving for a bright future. At Fujitsu, we see cooperation as the means to reaching this end. Together with motivated partners and bolstered by joint marketing and sales efforts, we will all reach our chosen destinations much sooner.


A compelling concept and strong execution are essential components of the Solution Partner Program. Fujitsu aims for long-term success by creating a strong demand for top-quality products, efficient marketing strategies and competent service. The bundling of capabilities - with your business and numerous other partners - is the key to steady growth.


The customer as the focal point: this lies at the core of every Fujitsu partnership. Customer satisfaction must be the common goal, because only products and solutions that fully satisfy customer needs can remain successful – and profitable. Therefore, the Solution Partner Program focuses on delivering only the best in customer service.
Forming a partnership with Fujitsu opens up new avenues to success. And becoming a solution partner is easier than you might think.

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