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ManageNow® Case Studies & Quotes

IT is the backbone of modern enterprise structures. It is the means for standardizing and automating processes, and it ensures that all processes in an enterprise function smoothly and can be flexibly adjusted to ever changing business situations. If that is the case, IT can help to strengthen and improve the competitiveness of an enterprise in dynamic markets that are constantly changing.

See for yourself how real-life customers have improved their cost effectiveness and overall efficiency by implementing our ManageNow® solution.

s.Oliver consolidates IT management with ManageNow®  

»ManageNow® from Fujitsu is based on a comprehensive approach to IT that helps us manage our complex infrastructure easily, with more flexibility and security. The overall cost-effectiveness and efficiency of our IT operations have improved considerably thanks to this solution.« 

Kurt Engel, Manager IT Infrastructure, s.Oliver

A new level of transparency and availability. 

»Open solutions like ManageNow® for Data Center Monitoring give us the financial freedom we need to pave the way for new topics and specifications without excessive strain on the IT budget « 

Oliver Borcherding, IT Service Manager, LBS Westdeutsche Landesbausparkasse 


Higher efficiency with ManageNow®»The intelligent concept of ManageNow® allows a significant higher efficiency in IT operations (system management). That fact combined with a short implementation time guarantees a fast return of investment.« 
LSKN - Bernd Wilhelm, Head of System Management  
PhoenixContact reduces operating costs with ManageNow®»When we built up our modern system management structure, we decided for CA Unicenter and ManageNow® from Fujitsu to monitor our Web Shop pro-actively. With the easy to manage solution we could not only increase the availability of the system but also reduce the operating costs significantly. In the future we plan to include our SAP systems and Service Level Management components into the monitoring as well. « 
Phoenix Contact - Dieter Hoffmeister, IT System Planning

Fast productivity with ManageNow®

»We wanted the project to succeed quickly. Fujitsu Technology Solutions offered us this security with ManageNow®. The collaboration was professional, structured in the method and flexible in realization.« 
TELCAT GmbH - Michael Simon, Director of Central IT Services