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SAP Outsourcing for Pilatus

SAP outsourcing for Swiss aircraft manufacturer

with high security and flexibility requirements

Photo of a plane
Swiss-based aircraft manufacturer Pilatus has gone from strength to strength. However, sustained business growth has made it increasingly difficult to continue managing its SAP systems in-house. In 2004, the company decided to outsource to TDS. The relationship with the IT service provider has been a positive one, and in 2009 Pilatus chose to renew and extend the scope of its agreement with TDS.

Pilatus Aircraft ltd is one of the largest employers in Central Switzerland, with a staff of over 1,200 at its headquarters in Stans.

In the past, the company's entire SAP systems landscape was managed by just two employees. But a growing volume of business, and the need for greater IT flexibility, made the task increasingly difficult to handle in-house.