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  • The partnership between Fujitsu and Quantum has existed since 1983. Quantum is Fujitsu’s global “Preferred Storage Partner” for tape libraries in the midrange up to enterprise segment. 
  • Since 2008 the agreements in the Authorized Service Provider Partner contract with Quantum (ASP contract) apply for service. The ASP contract defines the service cooperation between Fujitsu and Quantum.


  • Quantum complements Fujitsu’s Data Protection solutions with their market leading tape libraries. 
  • Fujitsu is embedding the Quantum Corp.’s deduplication technology in Fujitsu Data Protection Appliances: 
    • ETERNUS CS High-end 
    • ETERNUS CS800


Quantum’s tape libraries offer intelligent best-in-class backup solutions that are integrated into Fujitsu’s Data Protection portfolio and constitute an important component of Fujitsu’s Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio. An authorized service partner (ASP) contract with Quantum allows Fujitsu to offer Quantum products together with installation and maintenance done by Fujitsu.