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Better Care For Everyone

Healthcare has become more efficient and targeted, with connected ecosystems, data sharing and digital technology that enables person centred care. This model of care is delivered virtually, improving equity and access for everyone.

Universal adoption of telehealth across GP, hospital care, community and mental health has accelerated Virtual Connected Care achieving a seamless workflow, connecting patients and care providers.

Improved User Experience

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The Fujitsu Virtual Connected Care maturity model

What is Virtual Connected Care?

Virtual Connected Care involves the use of technology to improve the flow of information between patients and their health care teams to enable analysis, coordination, decision making and health outcomes¹. Virtual connected care can be used to support any point in a patient journey through different access channels underpinned by technology (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Virtual Connected Care journey components

UX channel

  • Call centre/helpline
  • Instant messaging
  • Interactive avatars
  • Virtual reality
  • Virtual interactions


  • Digital devices
  • Digital identity
  • Application landscape
  • Integration/data platforms
  • Advanced analytic

Patient journey

  • Access
  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Management

Virtual Connected Care is often associated with telemedicine or telehealth and commonly perceived as a virtual way of providing health care. However, in Fujitsu’s definition, Virtual Connected Care extends to any use of digital technology to provide or receive care that is not face to face.

Virtual Connected Care has untapped potential to deliver benefits for patients and providers:

Patients can:

  • Receive care closer to home with greater privacy on their own terms
  • Experience greater convenience, improved choice and access to specialist services that are otherwise not available in their area
  • Participate more actively in their own care and more readily involve their family and care team

Health care professionals can:

  • Get better access to specialist services and support
  • Collaborate more easily with colleagues and professional networks
  • Participate in flexible service delivery models and multidisciplinary care 1

The systems we maintain across our customers in Australia and New Zealand enable health services to improve patient experience, population health, value for money and workforce satisfaction.

Fujitsu’s digital health and data technology supports systems to shift from reactive treatment to proactive prevention. Virtual Connected Care delivers better care for everyone.

Fujitsu collaborates with an extensive network of partners to provide solutions for health systems on a journey toward a Virtual Connected Care maturity model.

Virtual connected care framework

How We Make Healthcare More Accessible

Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth Consultations

Fujitsu has deep expertise in optimising Microsoft Teams, commonly used by health systems to share content, collaborate, receive, or make calls, schedule events and use workflow services.

Microsoft Teams can be readily used to support secure clinician to clinician and patient telehealth consultations and messaging.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Fujitsu recognises the value of Remote Patient Monitoring as a critical component of Virtual Connected Care, that empowers patients, improves access, and enables high quality care to be delivered more cost-effectively.

Through the implementation of connected Internet of Medical Things devices (think pulse oximeters) with clinically validated normal ranges, we support the rollout of remote patient monitoring in your organisation and region.

AI Alert

AI Alerting

The key to scaling Virtual Connected Care is the use of advanced analytics to alert clinicians when patients are at risk of deterioration. This approach promotes early intervention without over detection of false positives and enables a greater number of patients of higher acuity to be managed safely by a smaller clinical team regardless of care setting, at home, in the community or in hospital.

Fujitsu's Data and AI team has deep experience in implementing AI solutions across multiple industries including health care. We partner with government and universities to innovate optimal models of care.

Clinicians can now harness AI capabilities to achieve improved health outcomes while health system adminstrators can improve care provider efficiency using AI driven real-time alerts and KPIs.

How Our Virtual Connected Care Solutions Make a Difference


In Spain, the Fujitsu Healthcare Suite Virtual Connected Care architecture enables Internet of Medical Things to be networked with hospital, PAS and EMR systems to keep clinicians and patients digitally connected at all times.


In Finland Fujitsu provides Virtual Connected Care across hospital, community and social care services through the HUS Health Village. Read more about this case study.

Fujitsu Australia acknowledges all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Custodians of Country and recognises their continuing connection to land, sea, culture, and community. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.
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