Fujitsu IT Services and Solutions for Healthcare

Fujitsu has a long history in the healthcare industry. We believe technology creates the essential bridge between patients, healthcare professionals, medical services, and even the buildings that are required to deliver effective healthcare services.

As one of the world’s largest ICT companies, Fujitsu is uniquely positioned to provide fully managed, end-to-end healthcare information systems and services that will improve patient outcomes and accelerate business returns. Fujitsu works with healthcare providers around the world, leveraging its global experience and technological innovation with local know-how and great customer service.

Challenges and opportunities for healthcare


Patient Privacy

When medical equipment is not secured it can be exploited as access points into the healthcare network.


Increased demand on existing healthcare services

Rapidly aging population in both Australia and New Zealand are increasing demand.


Growing patient expectations

Due to an increase in information available online. Patients are now better informed and more proactive than they were in previous generations.


Advances in technologies

Better managed healthcare records, increased use of IoT wearables, AI and big data are all assisting in improved diagnoses of patient care.

Fujitsu is already providing technology to assist and support:

  • Patient’s experience
  • Brain aneurysm detection
  • Real time patient monitoring
  • IoT monitoring of hospital equipment
  • AI assisted diagnosis
  • Complex scheduling and research (using Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer)
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