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Hybrid IT Orchestration


Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Management Services

Fujitsu Service Orchestration aggregates disparate services, and provides a single, seamless solution for managing multiple platforms, technologies, services and suppliers. Ours is a holistic approach to Orchestration. We deliver a full suite of solutions that enable you to retain governance, remain in control, maintain compliance and gain enterprise-wide visibility of your entire Hybrid Cloud estate.

Why do you need Service Orchestration?

The need to increase employee productivity and process efficiency whilst reducing costs, has led most large organizations to adopt a broad range of cloud based solutions, with many using services from over one hundred different cloud providers at any one time. Adopting a Hybrid IT model that combines cloud with on-premises IT, delivers a broad range of benefits such as reduced costs and increased agility, however the IT landscape created is highly complex and must be carefully managed.

While most organizations are embracing the emergence of new digital technologies and the opportunities this digital disruption brings, few are effectively managing their Hybrid IT environment to fully realize the benefits and gain maximum return from their investment.

Fujitsu Orchestration is the answer to managing your Hybrid IT estate.

Orchestrating and managing a Hybrid IT environment is a challenge, and to do this effectively you must choose the right partner. As experts in Hybrid Cloud Managed Services, we’re able to get the best out of suppliers, and can overcome the difficult service delivery challenges, that are too often overlooked by other orchestrators.

Our approach to Orchestration encompasses everything from a technical layer up to a service and business layer. It has the capability to deliver real business value, and support a seamless user experience across all platforms, technologies and suppliers through a single management portal.

We take a co-creation approach, and work closely with you to develop a successful solution that’s perfectly matched to your business priorities. Our practical management solutions focus on 6 key areas:

  • Service Orchestration
  • Service Orchestration
  • Supplier Orchestration
  • Compliance Orchestration
  • Process Orchestration
  • Security Orchestration
  • Technical Orchestration

The benefits of Fujitsu Hybrid IT Orchestration

We deliver a service model that’s fit for the future, with benefits that include:

  • Increased financial control and cost reductions.
  • IT governance framework aligned to your business strategy.
  • Full visibility across your entire IT estate.
  • Increased speed (shown to decrease time to market by more than 5 times).
  • Compliance and high levels of data security.

The Fujitsu Hybrid IT Management Portal

As a world leading managed service provider, we have wide ranging expertize from undersea cabling, network connectivity and data centre services, through to Hybrid Cloud, application services and industry solutions. We can automate your business policies, enable visibility of your business usage and improve service performance.

Through our Orchestration portal you can manage the unified end-to-end service of Hybrid IT, and aggregate Cloud Managed Services for easier adoption by business units. Our portal delivers:

  • Cost analytics and predictions – using our Cloud Cost Simulator you can complete what-if analysis to choose the solution that’s best matched to your business priorities.
  • System blueprinting - creates standardized systems, applications and services to increase the speed and predictability of your deployments.
  • System monitoring - optimizes the stability of cloud and non-cloud environments with a consolidated view of resources and performance.
  • Service reporting - you can choose the types of reporting you need to better support your decision making and governance processes.
  • Identity and access - controls authentication, authorization and access across all cloud and in-house services to reduce risk.
  • Process automation - deploys, manages and connects cloud and on-premises solutions with an automated flow of services and systems.
  • Service catalogue and resource provisioning - simplifies and centralizes the provisioning of standardized cloud and non-cloud resources via a central service catalogue.
  • Backup and restore - simplifies backup and recovery of data across your hybrid environment. You can minimize your storage footprint whilst safeguarding your data.
  • Service management - end-to-end management, coordination and optimization across your Hybrid Cloud environment.
  • Service dashboard - a unified dashboard of analytics and consolidated costs.
  • Service innovation – at Fujitsu we are constantly innovating to improve our service offering to ensure we deliver the best solutions to your business.

The future of the data centre in the age of Hybrid IT
(PDF 2.83MB)
(1.20 MB )

A data centre equipped for the Hybrid IT era blends the best of cloud and on-premise to drive innovation.

7 top data security risks for Hybrid IT - and how to tackle them (PDF 2.68MB) (2.83 MB )

Learn how to tackle new security challenges and unlock the benefits of the cloud and Hybrid IT.

The new security challenges for delivering bimodal IT (PDF 1.20MB) (499 KB)

Tackling security challenges around bimodal IT delivery will enable businesses to unlock the benefits of the cloud and Hybrid IT.



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