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LTO Desktop Drive

Entry backup device into LTO tape storage

Tape remains a key component of the data center and is ideally suited for long-term data protection. The successful path taken in the tape storage sector is continued with the sixth generation of the Linear Tape Open (LTO) standardized drive technology. Thanks to backwards compatibility the LTO technology offers a very high investment protection.

The LTO Desktop Drive is an entry-level component into the tape backup. It can be ordered with a LTO-5 or LTO-6 half height drive. The LTO Desktop Drive can be attached to various open system servers via the SAS interface.

For customers still using older tape technologies, the latest LTO technology will offer a significant return on investment opportunity by reducing backup time and the number of tapes needed, and also provides substantial features for long-term data protection.

LTO Desktop Drive

Key featuresBenefits
  • LTO technology
  • High transfer rate
  • Backwards compatibility
  • High data capacity
  • High investment protection
  • Backup of 1.4 TB in one hour
  • Existing tape media can be used
  • SAS technology
  • Future-proof, fault-tolerant, robust
  • High data throughput
  • Encryption support
  • WORM Capability
  • High data security 
  • Fulfill legal and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Half Height tape drive
  • Cost saving:
    half height cheaper than full height
  • Smaller, needs less space



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