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SAS9280-8e SAS RAID 5/6 controller

The RAID controller MegaRAID® SAS 9280-8e is released in the current PRIMERGY server for connection of the ETERNUS JX40 or FibreCAT SX40. The RAID stack is based on the LSI MegaRAID® and offers a high data throughput performance, comprehensive error tolerance function and user-friendly management options.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • ETERNUS, FibreCAT Support
  • Supports up to 6 ETERNUS JX40 or FibreCAT SX40 (up to 144 hard disks)
  • High-performance cache; RAID 6 Support
  • Significant increase in performance due to a 512MB controller cache. Meets highest security requirements without any data loss in case 2 disks per array fail
  • User-friendly management options
  • Seamless integration of RAID management into the FTS management concept
  • Optional battery-backup module
  • Data security through backup power supply to safeguard the cache, in case of power outages

Technical details

Controller SiliconRoC (RAID on Chip) LSI SAS2108
Connector typeSSF-8088
Bus typePCIe 2.0
Key RAID Data Protection FeatureRAID Fault Tolerance and Flexibility Features
- RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 6
- RAID spans 10, 50 and 60
- Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) (only supported with one logical drive per RAID array)
- Online RAID level Migration (RLM)
- Variable Stripe Size for all logical drives
- Fast initialization for quick array setup
- Foreground initialization for RAID 1, 5, 10, 50, 6 and 60
- Background initialization for RAID 1, 5, 10, 50, 6 and 60
- Advanced error recognition of drives (Patrol Read)
- Hot spare drives configurable (global/dedicated & enclosure affinity)
-Static Hot Spare support (copy back)
- Independent cache administration method per logical drive
- Write-Back/Write-Through
- Read-Ahead: normal / adavanced
- Cached I/O / Direct I/O
- Up to 64 logical drives per controller



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