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Business Centric Storage

Scale your software defined storage forever

With Fujitsu software defined storage you can rapidly scale for massive, unpredictable data growth while reducing the cost of growth.

From cloud apps to online archives and streaming to sync and share, there are many reasons for extreme data growth. And it can be difficult to predict them all.

With Fujitsu you don’t have to.


Align your storage with sudden demands from your business by using our ETERNUS CD10000, which is based on open source Ceph storage and optimized for cloud and OpenStack projects. Our Fujitsu software defined storage helps you rapidly expand to match unpredictable data growth while reducing your costs.

Grow or even hyperscale your storage from a few terabytes up to petabyte data volumes with zero downtime and avoid the lifecycle and migration issues that come with other storage systems.

By easily growing or hyperscaling your storage environment from a few terabytes up to double-digit petabyte data volumes, and with zero downtime, you can avoid the lifecycle and migration issues that come with other storage systems. This is due to a seamless management system for Ceph and the entire system.

More reasons to choose Fujitsu:

  • The leader in modular scalability for capacity and speed
  • Immortal system for zero downtime and zero migration
  • Benefit fully from open standards without implementation and operational risks
  • Fully maintained storage based on Ceph open source platform for scalability, reliability and performance

Fujitsu’s offerings

ETERNUS CD10000 storage
Hyperscale your storage

Looking for unlimited storage scalability? Look no further than Fujitsu ETERNUS CD10000 software defined storage. Built on open standards, the ETERNUS CD10000 is designed to be immortal with zero downtime and migration. Experience a new way to provide storage on-demand and satisfy any unexpected business needs.

Freeform Dynamics: Hyper-Scale Data Management

Driving practical and economic benefits in the context of today's storage challenges with fully supported enterprise class solutions based on open source technology.
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FUJITSU Hyperscale Storage System ETERNUS CD10000

The collateral provides an overview of the main features, benefits and use cases supported by the ETERNUS CD10000 system.
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RAID: End of an Era?

Ceph-based ETERNUS CD10000 is an improvement over traditional RAID-based storage systems in OpenStack cloud environments.
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Flyer - Top reasons to invest in ETERNUS CD10000

The flyer helps to empower customers to easily create object and block cloud storage solutions that they can bring to market quickly.
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Case Study - Darmstädter Rechenzentrum (DARZ)

ETERNUS CD10000 enables Darmstädter Rechenzentrum to sell cloud storage to unlimited users.
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Brochure - FUJITSU Hyperscale Storage ETERNUS CD10000

Discover the benefits delivered by the innovative scale-out architecture of ETERNUS CD10000.
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