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Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC): Business Applications Development

Business Applications Development

Proactive partnership: the ticket to future efficiency

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In 1998 Fujitsu were commissioned by Rail Settlement Plan Ltd (RSP)* to develop a new business application called the Rail Journey Information Service (RJIS).

Over 10 years later the daily operation & development of the RJIS business application continues to be undertaken by Fujitsu as an application managed service. The RJIS includes the planning of 80,000 rail journeys and responding to 820,000 enquiry requests each day.

In 2008 RSP and Fujitsu began discussions about the evolution of the service. A five year, £13 million deal was agreed for Fujitsu to refresh, enhance and streamline the hardware and applications technology used by RJIS, so that it could be supported until at least 2014 and also had the capacity to handle an increase in workload.

* RSP provide central retail support services to The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) who in turn manages many activities on behalf of the UK's 22 Train Operating Companies (TOCs).

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