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  5. Real-time visualization helps Omron to gain from Big Data analysis and increase productivity by 30 percent

Real-time visualization helps Omron to gain from Big Data analysis and increase productivity by 30 percent

"The data surprised me when I first saw it. The solution revealed improvements I had been trying to find for a long time. It has given us reliable expectations to further improve our production line."

Shinji Mizuno Manager, 1st Production Section Production Department , Kusatsu Factory Industrial Automation Company

Using Big Data for continuous improvement in the production line.


Omron Corporation is an electronics manufacturer of automation and healthcare products. In July 2011, it developed ‘Value Generation 2020’, its long-term management vision through 2020, and continues to challenge itself for growth to become a global player. Focusing on quality, safety and the environment, Omron supports manufacturing innovation globally with its unique sensing and control technologies. It also provides manufacturing solutions to its customers, solving diverse management problems at their production sites.


Omron wanted to improve production processes in the main factory of its Industry Automation Business in Kusatsu city. Error logs from each machine were fragmented meaning that identifying the root cause of a problem was difficult and caused inefficiencies.


Omron partnered with Microsoft and Fujitsu to carry out a Proof of Concept of the real-time visualization of production flows. Fujitsu developed a system which produces a ‘Timeline Data Visualization’ report designed to use Big Data to support people who work daily on the production line.


  • Non-experienced workers can analyze the production status of each individual circuit board
  • Six times gain in the efficiency of problem tracking and production improvement
  • Frees up more time to focus on engineering or process design
  • Increased hourly productivity by 30 percent


Read the full Omron Corporation case study (346 KB/A4, 2 pages)



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