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Web Privacy Service

ID|GARD ensures compliance when communicating online with business partners and customers and may be accessed immediately with any browser.

  • Protects e-mail attachments when communicating with customers and business partners
  • Sealed, cross-company team workspaces - economic and ad-hoc
  • Mobile access to your data – without providers being able to view your documents as well
  • Servers located exclusively in Germany
  • Automatic adherence to current data protection laws
Sealed Online Storage
Mobile access to your files – confidential data is stored in the Sealed Cloud. Mobile apps provide additional security, as inadvertent synchronization with American clouds is prevented.

Sealed Data Exchange
Exchange confidential files safely without complicated key management - even with external partners.

Sealed Team Workspaces
Work cross-company on projects by creating workspaces for your (cross-company) project team with one click. Your co-workers confirm the invitation and have immediate access.

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