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SecDocs - Digital Long-Term Archiving

SecDocs is the enterprise solution from Fujitsu for long-term preservation and legally secure archiving of electronic documents. It combines a reliable archiving process for large numbers of documents with the creation and preservation of evidential values: flexible, cost-efficient and usable across all industries. The SecDocs middleware includes components for electronic signatures and identities of the Fujitsu partner OpenLimit SignCubes AG and is ISO/IEC 15408 (Common Criteria EAL4+) security certified based on the Protection Profile ArchiSafe (PTB/BSI).


Due to compliance rules authorities and companies must archive large quantities of documents and preserve their evidence values over decades. Up to now this is often done by paper archives. Though electronic archiving is known to be much more cost efficient, the need to prove the integrity and authenticity of a document often prevents the disposal of the paper archives.
Electronic protection measures must be reliable as well as being easy to integrate in existing structures; ideally they should not require specialist knowledge of the technologies involved.


The SecDocs archiving middleware stores the documents in a standardized manner in storage systems and preserves the evidential values according to the LTANS/ERS standard (IETF RFC-4998) during any retention period bound to the data. Hence, the items can be read and migrated on a long-term basis. If electronically signed documents are archived via SecDocs, the system automatically handles verification of digital signaturesin an automated and reliable way


SecDocs reduces archiving cost significantly.
It allows disposal of paper archives by enabling customers to prove integrity and authenticity of digital documents - independent on the storage medium and location.
SecDocs enables modern business processes without media breaks with a high interoperability and flexibility - based on standard architecture and interfaces