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BS2000 and Partner

To maximize customer benefit BS2000 cooperates with partners

BS2000 servers are powerful and future-proof platforms for application software. At Fujitsu, we cooperate with companies whose products complement our own. The aim is to maximize customer benefit by getting the most out of BS2000.

Available applications can be found in our software solutions catalog. Fujitsu hardware can also be extended with offerings from our BS2000 hardware partners. Through our Software Solution Partner Program, we support partners who develop BS2000 products.

Encouraging partnerships with an exclusive BS2000 focus

There has never been a better time to cooperate with us on BS2000 solutions. At Fujitsu, we support our software partners through a special program offering the following perks:
  • Advance information about new BS2000 developments.
  • Porting support for partner applications.
  • Access to an Internet-based BS2000 host.
  • Discount prices on BS2000 hardware and software products used for development purposes.
  • Exposition of your products in our software solutions catalog.
  • Joint marketing campaigns. Partners gain access to additional product and marketing information on the Fujitsu extranet.

To find out more about the support we provide for BS2000 software partners, please contact us.