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SmartCard Readers

CLOUD 2700 R CLOUD 2700 R SmartCard Reader

The SCR CLOUD 2700 R is the ideal PC-Linked USB contact smart card reader for a huge variety of applications. Typical usage environments may include corporates or authorities where applications like network log-in, Windows authentication & Single-Sign-On are implemented. A perfect mix between modern stylish design and ergonomic handling, the device works seamlessly with virtually all contact smart cards and operating systems.

SmartCard Reader USB Solo 3 SmartCard Reader USB Solo 3

The new SmartCard Reader USB Solo 3 (external) is suitable for a wide range of applications for government, enterprise and home usage. It is a small and ergonomic USB SmartCard Reader. It provides an ideal platform for e-Commerce / e-Business as well as SmartCard based authentication and access protection.

USB SCR 3500 SmartCard Reader SCR3500 open

The Fujitsu USB SCR 3500 is a folding SmartCard reader dongle about the size of a typical flash drive. It offers SmartCard based security for any computer without a built-in reader. The small size is ideal for rollout of the technology via post to geographically distributed employees.

SCA Express SmartCase SCR (Express Card)

The SCA Express represents the next generation of PC Card technology. It meets all aspects of a modern security device: Security, usability, reliability, and ergonomics and of course, it is designed to meet all major standards and specifications. It provides an ideal platform for e-Commerce / e-Business, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications, digital signature as well as SmartCard based authentication and access protection.


The perfect contactless desktop reader choice for e-commerce, e banking and e-government solution. Enables you to identity yourself secure with only your identity card with integrated RFID-chip.
With its combination of a modern slim design and its state of the art multi-protocol feature set, SCL011 is the perfect desktop reader choice to support various contactless applications such as electronic ID, payment & public transportation schemes and to interact with NFC-enabled devices.