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  5. McDonald’s UK utilizes the CARE programme for preventing maintenance issues in its restaurants

McDonald’s UK utilizes the CARE programme for preventing maintenance issues in its restaurants

"Quality information leads to better business outcomes, which drives reliability, leading to more uptime and more satisfied customers."

Doug Baker Head of IT, McDonald’s UK

Together McDonald’s and Fujitsu have developed the CARE programme – a team of dedicated engineers who proactively support each restaurant to increase uptime.

The customer

McDonald’s has more than 1,250 restaurants in the UK and employs around 110,000 people who work together to deliver the high quality food and service that its customers know and trust. As a franchising organisation, around 70 per cent of its restaurants in the UK are owned and operated by local businessmen and women, together serving millions of customers every week.

The challenge

With the significant increase of technology in its restaurants, McDonald’s needed to put in place a new way of thinking with its support model that would better support the restaurants to help themselves and proactively address issues through a more dedicated programme of maintenance and education.

The solution

McDonald’s worked closely with Fujitsu to re-design and enhance the CARE programme it had in place with another customer, which sees ten dedicated engineers each assigned to a number of restaurants. Through regular preventative visits and knowledge sharing, the engineers can anticipate and stop problems more effectively.

The benefit

  • The contract is more flexible, with fewer fixed five year terms so it can change as needs evolve
  • Highly trained CARE engineering team can fix items before they become incidents logged
  • CARE will reduce costs while increasing reliability and uptime
  • Issues are resolved through engineers visiting the same restaurants, gaining and sharing knowledge


Read the full McDonald's case study (959 KB/A4, 2 pages)