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Software Downloads for TeamPoS 3000/7000 Products

Use the selection list below to choose which system you have.

Software Downloads for TeamPoS 2000 Products

Step 1. Identify which motherboard is installed in your TeamPoS 2000 terminal(s).

TheTeamPoS 2000 terminal can be configured with any of three different motherboards. Motherboards A and H use one set of drivers; the M motherboard requires a different set.

To identify which motherboard is installed, look for a configurator or Product Identification Number (PIN) located on the right side of the terminal. The configurator is a fifteen-character alphanumeric identifier that starts with a number from 1-6; the second character will be an A, H or M. This second character designates the type of motherboard installed.

An A or H character indicates the motherboard uses the Pentium III driver sets. If the second character is an M, the motherboard uses the Pentium M drivers.

TeamPoS2000 Series Installation and Maintenance Manual

Installation and Maintenance Manual Rev. 3 

Step 2. Select the Motherboard

Use the selection list below to choose which motherboard you have.

Note: If upgrading from a Pentium III / Celeron motherboard to a Pentium M motherboard, the documents below will assist you with the migration to the Pentium M Motherboard.