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Cloud Services

Space constraints, obsolete technologies, high maintenance costs. Is it time for your company to take your IT environment? Cloud computing is an alternative solution worth investigating. And Fujitsu Canada can work with you to ease the adaption to new technologies and processes.


The cloud model is flexible. It can adjust to changing demands and transform IT related capital expenditures into operating costs that are more valuable for your organization’s portfolio.

Technology infrastructures, platforms, software, data and business processes can be managed in the cloud, enabling rapid response to your business needs.


Different models of cloud technology services exist:

  • The private cloud can only be accessed by the company’s employees and is usually managed by it, if offers the option of third party administration. Fujitsu Canada can provide the hardware you need to manage your data yourselves, or manage your cloud entirely.
  • The community cloud is a private cloud, shared by many organizations.
  • The public cloud is shared by and accessible to all (Fujitsu Cloud Platform, for example).
  • The hybrid cloud merges public and private, depending on the confidentiality of the information to be shared.

Fujitsu is a preferred partner for your transition to the cloud. As a major investor in the development of global cloud computing, we are also partner with the world’s leading technology leaders.