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Retail Solutions

Consumers are becoming very selective about where they spend their retail dollar. They can afford to be; the marketplace offers a seemingly limitless supply of choice with regard to product, service, quality and price. Retailers recognize that they need to be creative and forward-thinking in order to capture and maintain their market share from today’s discerning consumers.

Over the 30 years that Fujitsu Canada has been working with the retail sector, it has developed a unique portfolio of sector specific technologies and expertise to help retailers carve out their choice market niche and successfully compete with the best.

Fujitsu Canada’s solutions help retailers stand out from the fray by providing them with the ability to improve their customers’ experience. These customer-pleasing, retail solutions include:

  • self-serve kiosks and systems;
  • advanced sales technology;
  • self-serve checkout stations;
  • mobile solutions;
  • advance Global Store® sales solutions.

These innovative, high value-add solutions will better position your business with the competition, by ensuring more satisfied, returning customers, while lowering your operating costs and IT expenditures.