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Ambient Intelligence

Ambient intelligence technology is the latest trend; electronic devices are integrating into our lives to make daily tasks and activities simpler. Such devices are found in all professional and personal living environments - healthcare, manufacturing, retail.

Fujitsu Canada provides its clients with a range of ambient technology tools. These Fujitsu products make it easier for our clients to take inventory, track merchandise, implement specific information, perform surveillance or handle security.

A Fujitsu example: flexible, water repellent silicon chips

Fujitsu’s new RFID WT-A511/A611 chip is washable, small and can be attached using heat.

By attaching the Fujitsu RFID chip to products, retailers can track the movement of individual items in real time. This system is used not only as a security measure, but also to streamline the supply and demand information management of the product. The chip enables retailers to receive ship and track their goods more cost effectively and efficiently.

Hospitals can use this system to track staff uniforms; hotels could use it to track the whereabouts of their linens; retailer could use it to monitor the whereabouts of high-end merchandise - ensuring it stays within a prescribed security zone before being purchased.

No matter the industry sector, Fujitsu's new technology provides benefits.