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Providing Backup Resources

Are you a freelancer?

Fujitsu Canada’s staffing service, currently available in Quebec City, Montreal and Calgary, can find a number of unexpected projects and mandates for you. We have a broad pool of customers in the public, parapublic and private sectors.

We strive to find the contracts best suited to our freelancers by analyzing each one’s profile to ensure they are steered right to the stimulating mandates they seek. A good number of our mandates are quite sizeable and offer attractive challenges for our collaborators, not to mention competitive compensation.

Fujitsu Canada has a resident team that works with freelancers to support them and supervise them while at our customers’. Openness, transparency and trust are key watchwords in our organization and give our contractual consultants a safe and secure environment.

For more information, or to apply, feel free to contact our offices in Quebec City, Montreal or Calgary.

Quebec City Office
icon-telephone Tel. : 418 840-5120
icon-mail E-mail

Montreal Office
icon-telephone Tel. : 514 877-3300

Calgary Office
icon-telephone Tel. : 403 265-6001


Looking for backup resources?

Whether you are seeking specific expertise or a group of qualified workers, Fujitsu Canada can tailor its offering to your needs.

Fujitsu Canada’s consultants specialize in some 40 different areas, from computing, through healthcare and even land management, to law. The resources provided can even be supported by a team of internal experts who advise them about their work on your premises and thus ensure you get the best possible results.

Our consultants are asked to work for customers in both public and private enterprise. We know that the approach differs from one sector to another and that the issues are not the same. We make the difference, and we do it remarkably well.