Police and Public Protection

Our rapidly changing and evolving society presents continually differentiating and ever growing challenges to our UK police forces, whilst budgets are simultaneously squeezed.

  • Globalisation has created diverse communities resulting in a rise in the complexity of the police task
  • Increased levels of high harm and organized crime requires police to respond quickly to more dangerous environments
  • As public services become increasingly digital, cybercrime grows and future technologies pose new risks.

(Source: Policing Vision 2025 report, NPPC)  

Policing is tough and we know every seconds counts, and any missteps could spell disaster. Fujitsu are enabling police forces to stay one step ahead of crime by co-creating to deliver rapid and bespoke digital technology and connected services. Our human centric approach puts people at the heart of our technology to ensure our solutions are secure, resilient and cost effective.

  • Efficient processes provide police opportunity to spend more time reconnecting with our diverse communities on the street to tackle crime at the root
  • Enhancing the quality and speed of intel from HQ police and to the public keeps our officers agile and safer on the front line
  • We help our police forces proactively prepare for new technology threat and use our expertise in cutting edge technology to process incidents and tackle cyber crime more effectively.

Explore how Fujitsu’s vast experience, expertise and innovative technology are currently help police forces to stay one step ahead in tackling crime and keeping officers safer:

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