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Environment Strategy

Fujitsu UK & Ireland is committed to environmental sustainability for the benefit of future generations and our long-term trading interests. Managing our environmental impact is a priority and an important part of our overall commitment to responsible business. It also makes good business sense. For example, our work to reduce our carbon footprint and use of natural resources bring benefits to both the environment and our business due to the associated cost efficiencies. Similarly, our efforts to minimise the waste we produce includes making improvements to our business processes that will also boost operational efficiency. All of this activity is shaped by our Environmental and Health and Safety policies which provide a clear framework for managing our environmental impact and promoting a safe, healthy and energising work environment for our employees. We know there will always be more to do to ensure we balance the changing priorities of our business with the needs of the environment.

To ensure we remained focused on the right issues, we are talking with a range of stakeholders in our new Stakeholder Forum. Feedback from these conversations will inform the development of new environmental targets.

We aim to manage our environmental footprint across the following key areas:

Prevention of Pollution

We bring our commitment to environmental sustainability to life by identifying and addressing our environmental impacts and putting into place measures to prevent pollution.

Sustainable Resource Use

As we continue to manage our environmental impact, we are working actively to use resources as efficiently as possible in order to reduce our ‘environmental footprint’. We believe that we have a responsibility to reduce material use and subsequent waste generation and promote more sustainable patterns of production and consumption.

Climate Change and Energy

We recognise that climate change is not just an environmental challenge, but also one that affects the health and livelihood of millions of people across the globe with links to complex issues such as poverty, economic development and population growth.

Natural Environment and Biodiversity

Managing our potential impact on biodiversity is part of our overall commitment to protecting the environment. Biodiversity is the source of natural raw materials and ecosystem services that benefit the planet. These services are vital to society and include maintaining air and water quality, attenuating floods, crop pollination and regulation of the global climate.




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