Next Generation Service Desk

The service desk of the future

The workplace is evolving. By 2025 75% of the workforce will be made up of digitally savvy millennials, and by 2050 60% of workers will be over 60 years old. Meaning each group of workers will have different needs and expectations, which employers will be required to meet.

For organizations sector-wide, the focus will need to shift to providing a smart, flexible, digitally transformed workplace supported by intelligent services. A workplace that enhances the employee user experience, where they can connect, collaborate and innovate, and organizations can attract, develop and retain the best talent.

With the Next Generation Service Desk, we bring the IT service desk into the digital workplace. Our smarter support services empower users with help on their own terms. We bring together everything the modern digitally savvy employee needs in one place, and provide a truly personalized, adaptable, and easy to use help experience delivered through virtually any internet-enabled device.

Fujitsu’s Next Generation Service Desk puts the user in control.

Powered by automation, a virtual assistant and cognitive learning, the Next Generation Service Desk offers 24/7 personalized support that empowers users to self-help how, when and where they choose.

At the heart of the Next Generation Service Desk is a powerful and adaptive cognitive service intelligence layer. Learning user trends based on real-time and static data sources, the service intelligent layer can predict when those users need help. It knows exactly who its users are. Using a familiar and simple interface, users can carry out tasks for many business functions. Freed from mundane tasks, they have the time to increase their productivity and profitability.

  • An integrated portal combines circumstantial, business, and personalized data streams to present a more valuable and effective user experience.
  • A virtual agent draws on static data (such as AD name or type of Windows 10 device), dynamic data (such as trending support requests or your laptop’s CPU percentage) and contextual data (the answers you give to questions).
  • The voice-activated virtual agent is powered by AI, automation and cognitive learning.

Fujitsu – a Gartner Managed Workplace Services leader

We’re a leading managed service and managed IT service desk provider, with extensive experience of delivering smarter support services on a global scale. Our Next Generation Service Desk utilizes emerging technologies and can be seamlessly aligned with changing user demands.

We deliver global multilingual support that puts the user in control of routine tasks such as password resets (which, on average, account for 30% of all service desk calls) freeing agents to focus on more valuable work. The benefits delivered include:

  • increased productivity - users have access to IT support services regardless of location, time or device used
  • cost-efficiencies - issues that arise can be automated or handled by technology
  • reduction in downtime - users are enabled to self-remediate

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