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Realize your digital goals with the right financial services digital transformation strategy

Your digital ambition is unique to your business. The digital transformation strategy of your financial services organization must be based on how far you’ve progressed on your digital transformation journey. The point is to leverage the power of digital so you can offer your existing banking and/or insurance services in faster and more cost-effective ways.

Data is key to your trusted future

Fujitsu works with financial services organizations that are at very different stages of their digital finance transformation journey. Each business has its own unique ambitions and goals; we gauge the maturity of each of our customers’ digital ambitions and then develop tailored strategies to enable them to achieve those objectives.

That could mean adapting existing operations to deliver savings and greater speed, through to introducing completely new services to generating added value through ecosystems unique to the business.

Whatever stage your financial service is at in its digital transformation strategy, Fujitsu will help you get the right mix of financial technologies and services to drive your purpose, empower your employees, and serve your customers.

Webinar: Driving Success across Financial Services with Fintech Collaboration: Innovation & Adoption beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 has meant digital channel adoption and plans to promote customer self-service have been compressed from what many thought would take years into a matter of weeks. Along with it, a whole section of society has been forced to shrug off any reluctance to adopt technology such as mobile banking apps and are unlikely to return to the branch in the same numbers.

Budgets are under immense pressure in the period ahead. Therefore investments need to be focused where they can best support the new vision, accelerated in this post COVID world. Technology will be a major factor in meeting this vision, including fintech collaboration, and use of data and insight to identify opportunities to automate and unlock further efficiencies.

Featuring a highly energetic interactive panel discussion with insight from Dr Leda Glyptis and high calibre representatives from NatWest, M&G Prudential, DirectID and FinTech Scotland, the session is chaired by Ian Bradbury, CTO Financial Services, Fujitsu, with a welcome from Graeme Jones, CEO of Scottish Financial Enterprise. It's worth a listen.


What kind of personalized Multi-Cloud & Modern Applications do you need?

Multi-Cloud is crucial for responding to the pace of disruption in financial services. They are not only vital for achieving connected, cost-efficient operations in an unpredictable world… They are a key enabler of the intelligent services and transformed business models that you need to compete and differentiate.

That’s the reason why Cloud is high on the agenda of most banking and insurance organizations, with IDC predicting that by 2024 half of financial services organizations will have moved at least 20% of their business-critical functions to as-a-service Cloud platforms. That’s a seismic shift in the way the financial sector works. The big question is no longer “Cloud or not?” It’s “What can you do to maximize its value?”.

Rapidly adopting and maximizing leading Cloud technologies is vital to a range of objectives, from scaling services to deal with a changing economic landscape, to modernizing applications to enhance customer experiences, or driving faster innovation to compete with FinTech’s. But you need to be careful to meet stringent security standards and regulations to boost customer trust. Achieving all of those things demands a Hybrid IT approach.

Fujitsu offers practical advice and personalized digital finance solutions for banking and financial service transformation, so you can achieve all of this without compromises. We and our partners co-create with you, enabling you to realize the transformational benefits of Multi-Cloud, fast – and safely tackle key underlying challenges including migration, integration and end-to-end management.

Application Transformation – becoming a data-driven enterprise

Our Application Transformation and Multi-Cloud Services go hand in hand. We give you practical roadmap to future-proofing your operations so you can be truly data-driven and always have the insights you need to move with both speed and decisiveness in an uncertain financial services marketplace.

Which applications should you migrate or transform in the Cloud? What approach should you take to safely modernize each one? How can you integrate and manage applications across both Cloud and legacy systems to unlock and maximize your data? These are the questions you need to address to get the most from your unique financial services technology and business environment.

When undergoing digital transformation in financial services, Fujitsu works with you to get the right answers. We move, modernize and build new applications together with you – so you can accelerate your digital ambition with total confidence and simplicity.

Fujitsu Data Services for Financial Services

Discover how through the transformation of Data Management Services, organisations can remedy the cyber vulnerabilities and constraints caused by legacy database estates. Instead of being a constraint to progress digital transformation, data becomes an asset and enabler of change. The combination of automation and the migration strategies to new technology and cloud platforms provides a springboard to develop new capabilities. Cost savings achieved from standardising the database platforms and associated services enables increased investment in new initiatives.

Partnering with Fujitsu discover how we can help you leverage data to improve customer experience at every touchpoint so that you can get ahead of disruption and build on your brand legacy. We have supported many customers on the journey to leverage existing technology and delivering on the promise of new technology. Download our Data Services for Financial Services whitepaper to discover more.

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Fujitsu financial technology – built-in security your customers expect and can trust

Security is the basis of trust. Customers demand it, in fact, our research shows that 67% expect their banks to have implemented new technology to keep them safe within the next five years.

The financial services sector experiences one of the highest rates of incremental customer turnover following a data breach. That’s a key part of the actual cost of a data breach - a 2019 report put that loss at 5% of customers.

As the sector goes through digital transformation to meet the needs of today’s customers, this increases the attack surface (the ways in which an attacker can attack an organization) which is driving trends like the rate of breaches and theft of sensitive data for the sector which has tripled in recent years.

The threat profile changes every day. Regulations and compliance demands become ever more stringent and any breaches are swiftly publicized across all forms of media. Right now, it takes around 233 days to discover and deal with breaches (according to the Ponemon Institute and Cost of a Data Breach Report) Simply, the spotlight on security in financial services is unforgiving. That’s why we work hard to give you the right mix of technologies so you can operate with confidence.

We offer managed security services and consulting focused on strengthening your infrastructure and protecting your data and the privacy of employees as well as customers. Our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) offering orchestrates and automates your security to boost protection in a dangerous world.

Discover more how our cybersecurity portfolio can accelerate your digital ambition

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