The idea is not to replace humans, but to support them, speed up processes, and allow everyone to do their job better.

Franck Niatel, Automation Team Manager, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)
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Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Transforming HR with conversational agent


Founded in 1856, BIL is the oldest multi-business bank in Luxembourg. Since its foundation, the bank has always played an active role in financing Luxembourg’s economy


BIL’s HR department handles 14,000 requests each year just for time management and many of those are asking the same or similar questions. It wanted to automate the vast majority of requests and reduce the burden on the HR team.


RPA platform and NLP-enabled virtual agent


  • Virtual agent can process 80% of common HR requests, freeing up valuable resources
  • It can respond to 34 individual topics
  • Employees get instant responses to inquiries
  • Communication level is the same for each employee of the company

Download Full Case Study PDF

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