Fujitsu Software BS2000 HSMS

Hierarchical Storage Management System

Current Version: V12.0

HSMS is an effective, central Storage Management System which reduces the complexity of the management of data on external peripherals, which automizes the data management and optimally fits with the BS2000-platform. HSMS supports the BS2000 data center administrator both in the management of large amounts of data, which arise in data backup and archival, and in optimizing the use of external storage devices. Equally, non-privileged users can also use the HSMS functions on their own data.

HSMS supports the administration of data among others on the following tasks :

  • Centralized backup of BS2000 data: Copies of the data are created so that it can be restored in case of data loss.
  • Migration of centralized, inactive data: inactive data is moved to the background layer and automatically retrieved for processing if necessary.
  • Long-term archival of data: Supports the long-term storage of data in order to meet legal requirements.
  • Copying of save files (Shadow archives): HSMS can copy save files and the save versions they contain.
  • Online backup of databases: HSMS enables the user to run online backup database files of the BS2000 database systems UDS, SESAM and ORACLE without having to interrupt applications which access them.
  • Reorganization of disk storage: Reorganization is necessary if files that are distributed over many areas can no longer be extended. With HSMS, files can be written to disk space in a coherent manner.
  • HSMS is a key component in the System Managed Storage: Unattended backup strategies can be implemented for large data resources in conjunction with an archiving system.