Print Management

Realize a cross-platform printing concept.

The BS2000 print management provides all the necessary services for implementing a company-wide print concept. It includes the extensive functionality of the classic mainframe spool as well as its compatible extensions for embedding in cross-platform printing in the network.

SPOOL (Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line) is a BS2000 subsystem. It organizes the use of printers. SPOOL is the basic component for all print products. For the use of decentralized LAN printers, Fujitsu offers the following supplementary product for the central BS2000 spool system.

Fujitsu Software BS2000 RSO

Current Version: V3.6

Fujitsu Software BS2000 RSO (Remote Spool Output) is an optional supplementary product for the central BS2000 spool system, with which printouts can be carried out on decentralized printers ("Host-to-LAN Printing"). RSO supports a variety of printer configurations with different connection types.

Additional printers are achieved through interoperability with Berkeley-compatible spool systems by supporting the BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) / LPD (Line Printer Daemon) protocol (RFC 1179). Finally, using the HTTP-based IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) protocol, appropriately equipped printers or print servers can also be addressed via the Internet/Intranet. Practically the entire range of market-relevant office printers is covered by superordinate symbolic printer types for the de facto standards PCL, PostScript, IBM Proprinter and EPSON FX/LQ/SQ.

The universal use of RSO as a central remote spool system in BS2000 is completed by a transaction interface, through which RSO can also be used as an openUTM spool system. By embedding the functions and user interfaces in the central BS2000 spool, a uniform, simple and yet functionally powerful administration/operation of the printers is guaranteed.