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FUJITSU Software BS2000 FOR1

A powerful FORTRAN-based development system for productive applications.

Current version: V2.2 
FUJITSU Software BS2000 FOR1 is a powerful development system for developing productive applications using the FORTRAN programming language:

  • The language set for FOR1 conforms to the following standards: ANSI X3.9-1978, DIN 66027-1980 and ISO 1539-1980. In order to support efficient program development, FOR1 offers a language set extended beyond the standard language set of FORTRAN77. 
  • FOR1 has powerful optimization functions at its disposal and offers a high degree of ease of use and testing. 
  • The compiler creates objects executable in XS addressing mode. It is shareable and generates shareable objects, when required. 
  • FOR1 is suitable both for solving individual problems and for putting large program systems into practice.
  • FOR1 supports the interactive symbolic debugging aid AID (Advanced Interactive Debugger).

FOR1 object modules created by the FOR1 compiler must be converted to executable load modules by being linked to the FOR1 runtime system FOR1-LZS. FOR1-LZS must be available on all systems on which programs compiled with FOR1 are to run.