Computational Chemistry Integration Platform SCIGRESS

Fujitsu's Molecular simulation suite,
trusted by researchers for generations

A platform of Molecular mechanics, Molecular dynamics, semi-empirical molecular orbital method, ab initio molecular orbital method, density functional theory, first-principles calculation.
Fujitsu supports the research and development of new materials.

Did you know that molecular simulation can be performed without expertise in computational chemistry?

Solving problem for Researchers

Problem 1Learning the operation method for performing molecular simulation and setting of the calculation seems difficult.
Resolution 1Anyone can easily use the calculation feature with a simple UI that does not require complicated operations.
Problem 2Want to utilize not only experimental data but also computational data supporting theory.
Resolution 2Calculations based on various theories can be easily performed and can be used for hypothesis construction and writing paper.
Problem 3Want to try an efficient approach without spending efforts and time in searching for new materials.
Resolution 3Results can be predicted on a calculator before conducting the experiment, which results in improving efficiency and accuracy.
Problem 4Want to use molecular simulation, but software operation is difficult to learn.
Resolution 4Our clients can outsource the calculation to Fujitsu's experts.


SCIGRESS is used by many researchers who are planning to work on molecular simulation.
Especially, it is highly valued by experimental researchers.

Reasons for continued selection

Our customers

  • Kyushu University
  • Kyoto University
  • Nihon University
  • Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
  • Hosei University
  • Yamagata University
  • Kagoshima University
  • and more

* Includes SCIGRESS related products.

Customer’s voice

Wide range of applications

Product Summary

Easy and intuitive GUI

Workspace is a module for building molecules.
It can be easily constructed with just a mouse.
The molecular orbital, electrostatic potential diagram, UV-Vis spectrum, and IR spectrum are displayed based on the calculation results.

Target of calculation

Small molecules, polymers, crystals, amorphous, solutions, interfaces, etc.

Calculation method

Molecular mechanics, ab initio molecular orbital method, semi-empirical molecular orbital method, density functional theory, molecular dynamics, first-principles calculation

  • MD-ME

    This is a full-scale molecular dynamics program developed by Fujitsu.
    It can calculate the dynamics of various systems such as solutions and solids.
    It supports various quadratic analysis functions such as diffusion coefficient and velocity autocorrelation function.

  • MO-G&MO-S

    This is a semi-empirical molecular orbital calculation program that Fujitsu has independently improved based on MOPAC2002.
    It can handle dipole moments, partial charges, bond orders, potential energy phases, structural optimization,
    excited states, and open shell systems.

  • Mechanics

    It is a program that calculates the optimum structure of a molecule using the molecular mechanics method.

  • Dynamics

    A molecular dynamics program allows to simulate the behavior of molecular models.

  • Extended Huckel

    An empirical molecular orbital method program that solves the Schrodinger equation.


    This is a semi-empirical molecular orbital method program.

  • External program interface

    Smooth cooperation with external programs other than Fujitsu, such as [LAMMPS] [Quantum ESPRESSO] [GAMESS] [Gaussian] [ADF] [PHASE/0] [MOPAC2016] [CONFLEX7] is possible via a common GUI on SCIGRESS.


Product Specifications

System requirements

Windows versionOS : Windows 10, Windows 11
CPU : Core i5 6000 or higher recommended
Memory : 4GB or more recommended
Linux version (for calculation engine only)OS : RedHat Enterprise Linux 7,8 , CentOS 7
CPU : Core i5 6000 or higher recommended
Memory : 4GB or more


For prices, Please contact us.
Separately, educational institutions price are also available.
Installation and support costs will be estimated separately.


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    The list includes publications from SCIGRESS and its predecessors CAChe and Materials Explorer.
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