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Telecom Service Providers

As connection-oriented Ethernet becomes a prevailing technology, both in terms of end user services and as an infrastructure platform, Fujitsu has the solutions to aid your network and your business.

Cable / MSO

Our cable-ready, carrier-grade FLASHWAVE® optical solutions support MSOs across North America as they deliver video, data and telecom services over a single, high-speed network.

Wireless Service Providers

Wireless broadband data applications are developing at an escalating pace. Fujitsu supplies the expertise, experience and vision you need to support your mobile customers.


Fujitsu is both a researcher and a vendor, which gives us a unique perspective on the needs and requirements of the research community. The R&E community can trust their deployment will be a reliable, scalable, leading-edge solution backed by unsurpassed Fujitsu quality.


The education community is multifaceted, consisting of K-12, colleges and university campuses. Fujitsu serves the diverse communication needs of this community, from robust networks for early childhood education to campus networks that support mobile access.

Federal Government

Fujitsu has the scale, the global reach, and a history of R&D innovation to partner with government agencies and deliver mission-critical networks. Our solutions accelerate the responsiveness of the U.S. government to its citizens around the world.


Fujitsu provides industry-leading optical networking solutions for global financial services firms. Fujitsu knows how to develop storage area networks (SANs), data center connectivity and disaster recovery facilities.


Utility and energy companies have unique requirements for their communications networks. Public Utility Companies (PUCs) maintain a crucial part of the nation’s critical infrastructure that provide essential services to the public, business and government. Reliability is key to safeguard these essential services

State and Local Government

At every level of state and local government, Fujitsu network solutions can drive cost savings and improve quality of service. Fujitsu has the communications technology experience and expertise to advance strategic initiatives