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Research & Education

Research and Education

Research & Education

Schools, colleges and universities are investing in institutional transformation using technology to improve efficiency and deliver better student outcomes and quality of experience. Building high-capacity fiber and wireless infrastructure is one of the most impactful decisions that schools, colleges, and research universities can make; the communications network profoundly affects every other aspect of this institutional transformation. By taking the digital leap forward with a modernized network, your institution will be equipped to give students, faculty, and researchers a network foundation to access new learning opportunities, expanded teaching tools, and more data faster.

Preparing Students for a Bright Future in a Global Economy

As digital transformation brings open, secure information and communications technology to your educational institution, you’ll be in a better position to prepare students for the future. Connected technology, with a modern network infrastructure at its heart, supports the mission and purpose of schools, colleges, and universities, by providing the technology foundation for student-focused centers of learning, opportunity, and in many cases, collaborative research.

The benefits of modernized network pave the way for growth in a wide range of areas. A high-speed communications network is a prerequisite for delivery of rich distance learning programs and innovative multimedia course material presented across a variety of learning channels and locations. Connectivity is a necessity for access to and participation in state-of-the-art research and the massive-scale data analytics at the forefront of so many academic and technological advances.  And perhaps most of all, a strong network foundation supports inclusiveness by facilitating access to learning for disadvantaged student populations. On campus, improved security and safety in both physical and online settings also depend upon upgraded campus networks.

Fujitsu Network Solutions for Research & Education

Networks capable of achieving your desired outcomes must meet these essential needs:

  • Reliability through advanced performance assurance and “self-healing” capabilities, providing continuous connectivity
  • Resiliency and high service availability to deliver applications
  • Security to protect critical student and research data, and to prevent physical and electronic intrusion
  • Bandwidth to support the ever-growing traffic generated by an expanding range of applications
  • Scalability to grow the network flexibly and affordably as needs arise

When you choose Fujitsu to join your network modernization team, we’ll do everything we can to make it simpler for your institution to take the digital leap. Together we’ll co-create a solution that will meet your needs, and we’ll support you as you take decisive steps forward to a successful outcome.

What we Offer

Fujitsu network solutions provide as much or as little support as you need through every stage of your network’s life cycle:

  • Network consulting
  • Network design and build services
  • Multivendor solutions and integration
  • Network operations and maintenance, including multivendor networks
  • Certified delivery and project manager professionals
  • Managed cybersecurity services
  • Training and knowledge transfer