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The world’s largest energy companies can trust Fujitsu products and services for the specific competency we’ve earned by working with many utility customers. We deliver the lowest failure rates in optical networking and long product life spans.

We understand the unique regulatory requirements that govern utility companies, such as NERC and FERC compliance. Fujitsu offers several RUS-approved platforms and will support the preparation of focused applications for government loans or grants for stimulus funded and Smart Grid projects.

Our dependable network solutions enable utility companies to meet the infrastructure transport needs of today and be ready for tomorrow, with flexible, future-proof technology and product design. For example, utility companies can initially deploy a SONET network and later upgrade to an IP-based network via the simple addition of a card – not an entire new network element or similar costly process. Fujitsu offers easy-to-use EMS/NMS software tools that enable field engineers and NOC personnel to manage the network efficiently themselves. We also provide turnkey professional services and hosted solutions for companies that would rather focus on core competencies while we provide the networking expertise.


Packet Optical Networking

Multiservice Provisioning Platform