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Data Center Operators

Data Center Operators

Data Center Operators

In their high-volume network world, data center operators (DCOs) are essentially caught between two apparently opposing pressures: continual upward pressure on traffic capacity, and relentless downward pressure on costs and expenses. Operators in this extreme environment face a correspondingly extreme set of challenges.

Most DCOs are typically seeking to scale their geographically diverse cloud infrastructure for maximum reach, capacity, performance, and security—without compromising on spectral range and efficiency. The demands of managing enormous numbers of devices adds a further level of challenge, which has produced an emphasis on operational efficiency, simplicity, and automation. Essentially, DCOs must make it easy not just to configure large numbers of new devices, but also to manage ongoing operation on a similar scale.

Upping the Ante with a Service-Focused Network Ecosystem

For these customers, it’s a numbers game and they need a vendor focused on delivering connectivity and services with solutions that are friendly to their specific demands as to timing, performance, capacity and cost. Fujitsu answers these demands with compact, modular, open solutions that are hyper-scalable and that incorporate digital signaling technology with greater modulation, higher line rates, more reach, and the lowest possible latency.

1FINITY Continuous Innovation Solutions

Fujitsu Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions for address constant internal and external pressure to reduce costs while increasing service velocity and exploring new revenue sources. Simply put, we turn the network into a continuous and innovative connected service. Our network architects and professional services experts work with existing investments to meet today’s needs without sacrificing flexibility or locking customers into a single approach.

Our 1FINITY solutions meet the most pressing DCI network needs including:

  • High elasticity, availability, hyper-scalability, and hyper-connectivity
  • An abstracted, centrally-controlled physical and virtual network
  • Dynamic services that are connected, converged, and programmable
  • End-to-end operational automation, service orchestration and network programmability
  • High rates of connectivity, utilization, and on-demand resources