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Many transit agencies know they must modernize their legacy communications networks to an IP-based infrastructure in order to provide the capacity and service quality needed for a modern transit system. Charged with renovating their infrastructure to go beyond serving the essential function of mass transit, our transportation customers are working towards implementing critical connected ecosystems within the overall context of smart city evolution. And smart cities can’t run without smart infrastructure.

Successfully modernizing a communications network for public transit is a large and complex task that takes time, expertise and meticulous planning—not to mention adequate funding. Voice, data, video surveillance, radio communications, signaling, message boards, and even passenger connectivity, together place exceptional demands; most importantly because networks for transit systems must flawlessly support passenger safety, on-time operation, and escalating levels of physical and cybersecurity.

Expert Technical Staff that Works Hand-in-Hand with You

Transit agencies often don’t have qualified staff in-house with the technical expertise they need to modernize their networks; they may have staff trained to operate their existing legacy networks, but who lack the training needed to develop and deploy an IP-based infrastructure that can support state-of-the-art applications and integrate smoothly with existing network assets. A prime integrator to lean on for expertise in multivendor solutions and integration is a good option; a partner with this level of capability makes a complex network transformation process as simple as it can possibly be. That’s where Fujitsu comes in.

What Fujitsu Brings to the Table

While many customers know what they need in a broad sense, the challenge begins with determining exactly how to make it happen. The right network – a high-performing, high-capacity, modern, carrier-class infrastructure that delivers IP-based services – will deliver sophisticated communications that enhance safety and security for passengers, workers and your critical communications data, as well as increasing real-time situational awareness that reduces operations costs, drives efficiencies, and enhances passenger comfort.

Fujitsu can help you realize your network vision as a prime integrator with solutions and expertise that encompass:

  • Planning and design
  • Deployment
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Radio communications
  • 4G/5G
  • Fixed wireless solutions
  • Custom indoor and outdoor cabinets
  • Integrated factory acceptance testing
  • Supply chain services